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The French brand from Bordeaux Soin de Soi, a 100% organic and natural cosmetics company,
is launching a range of products exclusively for hotels and guesthouses.

Soin de SoiSoin de Soi

Soin de Soi is what happens when Nelly and Marion met, both driven by the same desire to promote well-being with high-end cosmetics, a respectful approach to people and the environment.

Nelly Pelissier-Hermitte opened her first institute in Gradignan near Bordeaux in 1999, which became the Maison Soin de Soi in 2007: a 200m² spa devoted to health and well-being. Driven by her love people, Nelly kindly welcomes you, with open arms, as if you were at home. Over the years and through her treatments, she has observed that cosmetics have changed a lot and that their composition is no longer in tune with her ideals that cosmetics should be respectful and pure.

In 2012, Marion Teulière, a young dynamic communications specialist, joined Nelly to develop Soin de Soi and the project naturally fell into place to create a truly healthy skincare cosmetics brand.

Together, they opened the Soin de Soi laboratory in Gradignan in 2015 and formulate fresh, 100% natural and organic cosmetics, handcrafted from responsible raw materials.

In 2016, the Soin de Soi e-boutique was launched.

Soin de SoiThe brand

Soin de Soi makes 100% organic and natural cosmetics with love. The brand uses high quality ingredients selected at the earliest opportunity from local producers.

100% organic and natural
Soin de Soi draws its inspiration from nature to elaborate each of their formulas, by carefully selecting organic ingredients known for their natural virtues and benefits. No chemical ingredients or preservatives are used.

Soin de Soi manufactures all its products in their own laboratory in Gradignan, south of Bordeaux’s city center. Everything is done on-site, from elaborating their formulas, to producing them, and packaging them. Personalizing their products is also a possibility, especially for collaborations.

Soi de Soi wishes to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible. Their bottles are made of recycled glass from Europe and refill bottles are offered to professionals. Labels and paper packaging is printed with vegetable ink, and the bags and pouches are made of organic cotton…

Soin de Soi is a certified Slow Cosmetics label, a statement that is close to the brand’s DNA and in line with its values. This certification rewards the quality of the formulas and their commitment to people, with reasonable, intelligent, and ecological cosmetics.

The products

A range dedicated to hotels and guesthouses.

Always in a more responsible approach, Soin de Soi has recently developed a range of products dedicated to hotels and guesthouses allowing guests to enjoy organic and natural cosmetics even on vacation. Hotels and guesthouses can now offer unique, organic, and an eco-responsible wellness experience.


PAMP shower gel: Refreshes, soothes
Enriched with invigorating and revitalizing Grapefruit essential oils and invigorating and refreshing Bergamot essential oils.

CHOU shower gel: Tones and nourishes
Enriched with toning and healing Patchouli essential oil and regenerating Atlas Cedar essential oils.

ROMA shower gel: Relaxes, comforts
Enriched with healing Rosemary Camphor essential oils, Super soothing and regenerating Lavandin essential oils and rebalancing Ylang Ylang essential oils.

All shower gels have common ingredients such as: Coconut oil, Rapeseed oil, glycerin, and Olive oil.


BELA body lotion: For dry dehydrated skin
Made from soothing, restorative and plumping Aloe Vera, moisturizing and toning Orange Blossom and Carrot floral waters, that deeply moisturizes the skin. It is also enriched with purifying Lemon essential oils, regulating Bergamot essential oil and toning Lemongrass essential oil. Its fluid-like gel texture penetrates instantly and leaves the skin feel as soft as ever.

DOU body milk: Sensitive dry skin
Made from softening Sesame oil and nourishing and plumping Coconut oil, it deeply moisturizes the skin. It is also composed of soothing and revitalizing Calendula macerate, calming Calendula floral water and moisturizing and softening Orange Blossom. Its unctuous texture penetrates quickly and leaves your skin feeling ultra soft.


MANO soap: Cleanses, relaxes and comforts
It is enriched with healing Rosemary Camphor essential oils, soothing and repairing Benzoin essential oils and soothing Aspic Lavender essential oils.

Every product from Soin de Soi hotel range is available in 195ml bottle, and in refills of 1L or 5L.

Hotels and guesthouses have the possibility of personalizing products upon request.
It is also possible to extend the range of products offered to guests with body oils, hand cream, and even a make-up remover…

Very soon you will be able to find organic and natural cosmetic products from Soin de Soi in hotels and guesthouses from our Stay Some Days collection.

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Soin de Soi in partnership with Stay Some Days
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Images Courtesy Soin de Soi

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