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Orso Hôtels Etc is a brand new hotel label that focuses its identity on the hotel industry’s sometimes forgotten standards and values. Those that make up the very essence of travel.

Hotels, et cetera…

Louis et Anouk Solanet

Founded in 2020 by the couple Anouk and Louis Solanet, Orso Hôtels Etc is a new brand of independent Parisian hotels.

Louis Solanet joined the Groupe Solanet, a family-owned hotel management company at the head of Campanile in the 1980s. Louis is involved in the upscale transformation of the company’s portfolio of franchise hotels (around 40 franchisees such as Louvre Hotels, Marriott, Accor etc.). He also worked on the acquisition of independent hotels in Paris and elsewhere.

Anouk is Dutch, has a degree in law, and has been flying the French flag since 2007. She is passionate about architecture, design, spaces, and the human element.

This young squad wanted to bring a common aspect to non-affiliated hotels. Orso therefore advocates for a return to the hotel industry’s true values. Good manners, simplicity, and generosity are the basis for the best hotel memories for guests. It is these values that have become obsolete that make up the very essence of travel and Orso’s challenge is to bring them up to date.

For his part, Louis gives projects their momentum and imagines an establishment’s future destiny. Anouk adjusts, refocuses, and becomes the central link between architects, operations and project management. She is the control tower for each new establishment. 

Orso Hôtels etc currently counts 8 hotels in Paris:

Hôtel Doisy
33 rooms
55 avenue des Ternes, Paris 17ème
Renovated by BR Design – Opened in October 2017
Nestled in a charming cul-de-sac in the 17th arrondissement, between the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Élysées and the Palais des Congrès, Doisy is a warm boutique hotel, a peaceful haven in the heart of the city.

doisy etoile hotel paris france
doisy etoile hotel paris france
doisy etoile hotel paris france

Hôtel Léopold
42 rooms
225 boulevard Raspail, Paris 14ème
Renovated by BR Design – Opened in May 2019
Located just a few steps away from the Latin Quarter and the Luxembourg Gardens, Hotel Leopold is nestled in the heart of the Montparnasse district. Its inspiring decoration and warm welcome make it the perfect place for a cosy and timeless getaway.

hotel leopold paris france orso anouk louis solanet
hotel leopold paris france orso anouk louis solanet
hotel leopold paris france orso anouk louis solanet

Hôtel Wallace
48 rooms
89 Rue Fondary, Paris 15ème
Renovated by Hauvette and Madani – Open in September 2020
This new hotel which was renovated by the young talents Hauvette and Madani is located a few hundred meters from the Cambronne and Motte Piquet Grenelle metro stations. Wallace is an ideal hotel to have a drink at the bar, a Swedish bath on the terrace, or as a starting point to explore Paris.

hotel wallace paris france orso anouk louis solanet
hotel wallace paris france orso anouk louis solanet
hotel wallace paris france orso anouk louis solanet

Hôtel Rochechouart
106 rooms
55 boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris 9ème
Renovated by Festen – Open in September 2020
A brand new mythical hotel in the Pigalle/Montmartre district. A jewel from the 20’s renovated by the duo of architects-decorators Festen with the collaboration of Adrien Gloaguen. The hotel Rochechouart is an establishment including a brasserie style restaurant and a rooftop bar to admire Paris from every angle.

hotel rochechouart paris festen orso
hotel rochechouart paris festen orso
hotel rochechouart paris festen orso

Hôtel Cabane
106 rooms
76 Rue Raymond Losserand, Paris 14ème
Directed by Selency and Wilo&Grove – Opening soon – Ex 9hotel Montparnasse
Cabane is a friendly boutique hotel, nature’s treasure trove in the heart of Paris. Its wood cabin, its garden, and its table d’hôtes have it looking like a country home.

Hôtel Ami
7 Rue du Général Beuret, Paris 15ème
Renovated by Gesa Hansen – Coming soon – Ex hotel Delos
Opening soon of Ami, a charming little Parisian hotel renovated by the archirect Gesa Hansen. A perfect spot for those who love cozy and well-decorated spaces. A nice patio to sip on cocktails in the summer.

Hôtel Devillas
4 Boulevard Saint-Marcel, Paris 5ème
Renovated by Éloïse Bosredon – Coming soon

Hôtel Botaniste
Paris 16ème
Opening soon
This boutique hotel is ideally located between rue Molitor and rue Boileau. Its lush green decoration and its garden make it an ideal place for a quiet stay.

Like members of one big family, each Orso hotel has its own personality, style, and singular identity. They each have their own peculiarities, but they all have a strong family ressemblance.

The hotels are all different but always have a common thread in mind: leaving guests with a smile.

Each destination, each hotel has its own surprises; antique parquet floors, rooftop views, brasserie-style food, cocktail bars, rooftop saunas, homemade breakfasts, pyjamas for the night (collaboraton Holi Holi x Orso), and Orso city guides with the best addresses in mind…

For Anouk and Louis, they welcome creative minds. They are surrounded by 100 talents. 100 personalities with their own qualities, and their their defects, and proud bring Orso hotels to life.

Before each project, a great deal of thought goes into selecting the architect, interior, decorator and artist who will be best able to reveal the hotel’s future soul.
Several trendy architecture firms have already collaborated with Orso;

  • Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzay, founders of Festen, were chosen for the Hotel Rochechouart’s renovation. They claim it is an address with an avant-garde taste, subtly inspired by the Art-Deco style of the restaurant and ideally combined with contemporary comfort.
  • Hauvette & Madani designed the decor of their first hotel, Le Wallace. Given free range to be reinvented, the hotel is now tinted with Seventies inspirations, a touch of the Italian Riviera, and elegant retro Parisian style.
  • Gesa Hansen is at the head of The Hansen Family studio, renovated and decorated the Doisy and Leopold hotels.
  • Bénédicte Pierens and Raphaëlle Levet, founders of BR Design, ont rénové et décorés les hôtels Doisy et Léopold.
  • Romain Chirat, founder of Etablissements Studio, is the chief artistic director for the Orso group. He created each hotel’s visual identity from the group.

Welcome to the Orso Group. Bienvenue. Benvenido. Welcome. Benvenuto. At Orso, the hotels invite you in like life long friends. The journey starts with a simple Hello, or a nice handshake. Maybe why not even a hug. A little extra soul to brush off the dusty distances put between host and guest, bring back the human element, and make for a sincere experience, without following the script.

Images Courtesy Orso Hôtels Etc

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