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Travel modern with STAY SOME DAYS

Soon to be on vacation or maybe just a weekend?
Your destination? No matter where, as long as you’re somewhere unique.
The STAY SOME DAYS concept, “The right accommodation is the perfect destination“,
is a new way to travel, choose where to stay before the destination.
STAY SOME DAYS aims to inspire travellers by connecting them to the most beautiful places to stay in Europe and around the world in just a few clicks,
with a curated collection of unique, stylish and instagrammable hotels, guesthouses, cabins, apartments, and houses rental.
The photos speak for themselves and you’ll be tempted to book “that place” precisely for your next weekend or vacation as solo,
as a couple, with friends, or with family.
With STAY SOME DAYS, your next place to stay will be the place to be.
You will want to go everywhere and the hardest part will be choosing where…

Travel differently with STAY SOME DAYS.
The place to stay is itself a destination.