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The STAY SOME DAYS concept


stylish hotels and houses for modern travelers

oku kos casa cook hotel grece

” – Check out what I found on Instagram.
This hotel looks fabulous, I’d love to go there!
– Where is it?
– No idea!
Anyway, I’m totally booking it for our next weekend… can’t wait! “

oku kos casa cook hotel grece

The STAY SOME DAYS collection is aimed at modern travelers who wish to stay in unique places which,
in themselves, constitute a destination and an invitation to escape.

What sets it off for us? A simple photo published in a magazine or on a travel blog makes any one of us want to be there,
and stay there without necessarily knowing where it’s located.
A place where you feel relaxed, where the atmosphere, decoration, cuisine, and overall setting, make it an unforgettable experience…

We started with a collection of hotels and guesthouses, which won over many of you.
We have continued our development by expanding the collection with a fine selection of apartments and houses for rent,
for those who prefer to travel more independently.

Browse our collection of the finest hotels and houses to rent, and treat yourself to the vacation of your dreams.

We hope you find your perfect home away from home.

And if you haven’t found the perfect place, or if you simply don’t have the time to search,
don’t hesitate to contact our Travel Planner department for a tailor-made trip.


Images courtesy Oku Kos – George Roske