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Design hotels and accommodations for modern travelers

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The STAY SOME DAYS concept is a new way to travel. It’is aimed at modern travelers who wish to stay in unique places which, in themselves, constitute a destination and an invitation to escape.

The trigger ? A simple photo of a hotel published in a magazine, on a travel blog, or on social networks, leads to each of us a desire to stay there without necessarily knowing where this place is located.

A place where you feel good, where the atmosphere, the decoration, the food, the environment, and the activities offered make it an unforgettable experience…

We have merged these exceptional places into a limited collection, like a digital magazine, where each establishment invites you to project yourself into your next vacation.

Browse our selection of the most beautiful hotels and houses for rent, and treat yourself to a dream vacation.

STAY SOME DAYS is the result of the passion for travel and the international experience of its founder Cécile Fischer.

Let yourself be tempted by the most beautiful hotels in the world and travel differently with STAY SOME DAYS.
The place to stay is itself a destination.