Encuentro Guadalupe: Hotel in Ensenada

In the Valley of Guadalupe, it is on the mountainside, among the rocks, that the rooms of the Encuentro Guadalupe hotel come to rest.

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A new kind of hotel

It is in Baja California, less than 2 hours from the American border, that the Guadalupe Valley is located, a century-old land of vineyards.

Encuentro Guadalupe is a set of 20 designer and independent eco-lodges (and 2 eco-villas) of twenty square meters each, established on an area of ​​99 hectares.

These twenty small structures are supported by a steel frame. The color of the material, changing over time, contributes to the harmony between the environment and the building. Inside the rooms, the architect played the card of minimalism and sobriety with a guideline.

No flat screen or computer, but the bare minimum to stay in constant contact with nature. The furniture is modern and reduced to the essentials: a bed, a table and its chairs, the bathroom … and a telephone just in case. Large bay windows allow the gaze to wander over the surrounding mountains and vineyards.

Outside, to enjoy the view of the valley landscape, each room has its own terrace with a clay kiva.

Dirt roads lead visitors to their rooms. The main building, which houses the winery and the restaurant, sits atop two huge rocks and is also integrated into the surroundings.

Before the travelers take possession of their room, the house offers them to taste the wine of the region.

There is also a swimming pool and jacuzzi to relax.

We love Encuentro Guadalupe for:

22 eco-lodges
Wine Region


Double room from 350 € per night during low season.
Breakfast included.

Encuentro Guadalupe

Images Courtesy Encuentro Guadalupe hotel

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