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Step into Le Pigalle, this hotel - bar - restaurant, is a great experience for cocktails, a bite to eat, or spending the night.

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Le Pigalle opened its doors in 2016 in the Parisian district from which it takes its name on Rue Frochot.

It is a place designed to be your friendly neighborhood hotel, timeless, and multifaceted, with an authentic and colorful spirit. The young architectural duo from Festen, Charlotte de Tonnac and Hugo Sauzey were put in charge of the architecture and decoration. The graphic design studio Be-Poles took care of the hotel’s brand identity. The project’s starting point was based on the setting and the building’s history. Originally the building was already a hotel and bar that were merged together. They kept the façade, the central staircase, paneled doors, crown molding, woodwork and hardwood flooring, and the rest was entirely remodeled.

The hotel counts 40 rooms with an asserted identity, and a very relaxed Parisian interior design. The rooms are designed with high-end materials (marble, velvet, and leather) along with carefully curated objects (books, records, antiques, custom-made furniture) that seem like they’ve always belonged there. On the white walls you’ll find works of art, cartoons, posters and even some nude photography.

Below, the Groundfloor makes you forget you’re in a hotel. It is a hybrid lobby designed to be a large hang-out, with a mix of vintage and contemporary design, divided into a café, bar, and even a restaurant offering simple and seasonal cuisine. There is also a vinyl library and a newspaper/book kiosk, managed by a neighborhood team. It’s a mingle of people from the hotel and neighborhood locals. In various areas of the hotel you will find headphones and a jukebox that plays custom-made playlists by Victor Kiswell.

At Le Pigalle you meet up, you sleep, you dine, you dance, and you listen to music … and much much more.

We love Le Pigalle for:

Vintage and contemporary design
Hybrid lobby
Living spaces
Pigalle district


Double room from 135 € per night during low season.
Breakfast on request.

Le Pigalle

Images Courtesy Le Pigalle hotel, Benoît Linero

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