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Inspired by traveling within our imagination,
Danish design brand Frama has created a digital hotel called L’Auberge.

Frama L’Auberge, a virtual haven of escape.
Frama, the multidisciplinary design brand based in Copenhagen, merges reality with the digital world with a new virtual hotel called L’Auberge.

frama l'auberge hotel

Frama is known for designing furniture, home goods, living accessories, and even an apothecary range, with clean lines, simple geometries, natural materials, and the balance between form and function.
Designed as a “place of self-discovery and reconnection”, L’Auberge is a constantly evolving place that allows the mind to develop.

L’Auberge has a modern and minimalist aesthetic.
The hotel is furnished with the Frama furniture collections.
The lobby conveys an immediate sense of home with its natural design elements.
There are organic and untreated materials such as wood, marble, clay, terracotta, sand and glass, providing a sense of calm in this warm place.

Surrounded by a landscape of rock, dunes, and endless sand, L’Auberge suite features geometric openings carved into the walls and ceiling to connect with nature.
Interior and exterior become one.

Adjacent to the room, the bathroom is an open but intimate space, with an outdoor shower, in which natural materials blend harmoniously into their landscape.
Wood and stone shaped in soft and fluid lines frame a relaxation area.

The outdoor seating area is the perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee while watching the sunrise or stargazing at night.

The different rooms are simply furnished, with only essential furniture.
Every element placed in a room has something to do with it.

Frama L’Auberge invites you to relax and return to your roots.

L’Auberge is a hotel that only exists digitally.

Images Courtesy Frama

Article updated on October 18, 2021

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