Kopernika 10 Blue: Apartment in Poznan

Kopernika 10 Blue is a comfortable, well-designed and completely new apartment in the center of the city of Poznan.

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An apartment full of Noo.ma products

Kopernika 10 Blue is a short-term rental apartment located at number 10 of Kopernika Street, close to the old square market, in the city center of Poznan, a beautiful city in Poland.

The original 100 sqm apartment was divided into 3 independent apartments which were completely renovated and reorganized by the architects of Noo.ma Spaces, Marcelina Gronowska and Damian Golinski. Noo.ma is a Polish company that designs and produces contemporary furniture and interior accessories. A hallway leads to each of the apartments, achieving to a restored glass door with a semi-circular skylight. The architects decided to install 27 light points along the entire length of the corridor, thanks to which it takes on a classical and theatrical character. Dark blue walls, a wooden bench, and geometric tiles set the tone from the lobby. Available for rent since 2018, the Kopernika 10 Blue apartment is smartly designed, very comfortable, and cozy. Perfectly functional, the apartment is beautiful, surprising, with original, daring and unconventional ideas and solutions. Nestled in a historic building, the apartment can accommodate up to 2 people. The apartment is organized as a studio, with a fitted kitchen in navy blue color and gold finishes, a dining area filled with velvet chairs, a comfortable double bed, and a white bathroom with a rain shower and black and white geometric tiling on the floor, hidden behind the kitchen wall. The interiors are furnished with Noo.ma furniture and accessories. Every element of the apartment, such as the plants, the framed posters on the walls, or the magazines arranged on the tables, has been carefully selected, making sure that it is consistent with the whole layout, everything preserving the old character of the interiors. The apartment has an intelligent locking system that gives the freedom to come and go at any time of the day.

Kopernika 10 Blue apartment is a perfect place to stay in Poznan.

We love Kopernika 10 Blue for:

1 double bed and 1 bathroom
Up to 2 people
Contemporary decoration
Very functional
Furniture and accessories from Noo.ma
In the city center of Poznan


From 37 € per night in low season.

Images Courtesy Kopernika 10, Pion Studio