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Hotel in Apollonia
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Sifnos is a Greek island located southwest of the Cyclades archipelago, in the Aegean Sea,
not far from Milos Serifos and Antiparos, and a few hours by boat from the mainland.
Still unknown to the general public, this authentic island resists the influx of tourists.
Peaceful, Sifnos is full of contrasts: typical villages, poetic landscapes between the sea,
arid mountains and green valleys, beaches and bays with crystal clear waters, and many churches and monasteries.
Boats dock at Kamares, the main port of the island nestled at the end of a long bay,
which offers all the tourist infrastructures.
Kasto is the ancient capital of Sifnos, it is probably one of the most beautiful in Sifnos.
A staircase with a breathtaking view goes down to the very photogenic chapel of the Eptamartyros (Seven Martyrs),
which flows into the sea and which also offers a swimming spot.
Composed of five hamlets, Apollonia is now the capital of Sifnos.
There is typical Cycladic architecture: square whitewashed houses,
white churches with blue domes, meandering alleys, flowery courtyards, and taverns.
Artemonas is the ancient quarter of Apollonia.
The island offers a vast network of trails on which you can discover some of the 235 traditional churches or monasteries.
A paradise for hikers.
Sifnos has many beautiful sandy beaches and rocky coves,
from which they are afraid to jump and swim in transparent blue waters.
Quiet and unspoiled, the main beaches of Sifnos are Cheronisos, Platis Gialos (one of the longest in the Cyclades),
Vathy, Faros (a charming little fishing port), and Kastro.
In order to take advantage of the serenity that emanates from this sublime Greek coast,
it is possible to rent a boat to discover remote swimming spots unknown to tourists,
or explore the typical small villages all around the island.
Renowned for its gastronomy, Sifnos offers modern restaurants and traditional taverns,
where you can enjoy fresh seafood, ring cooked in red wine, chickpea soup,
courgette balls, caper salad, cheese croquettes…
Every bite here is delicious. Sifnos cheeses also have an excellent reputation.
Sifnos is also famous for its pottery and ceramic workshops.
Sifnos is a balanced island that combines beautiful beaches, Cycladic chic, and culinary tradition.
Have a good holiday in Sifnos!

Images Courtesy Nival Boutique Hotel, Verina Astra hotel, Verina Terra hotel.

Article updated on August 14, 2021

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